The Scientific Exploration Society is a UK-based charity (Reg No 267410) founded in 1969 by Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBEand his colleagues. As a non-profit making organisation we initiate a worldwide programme of scientific expeditions focusing on scientific, conservation, education and community aid projects.

Today, the focus of the SES is on delivering outstanding events and experiences to our membership, plus inspiring and supporting – through the SES Explorer Awards – the next generation of ground breaking ‘Pioneers with Purpose’.


Pioneers with Purpose continues through the SES Explorer Awards.

By supporting the next generation of explorers who are working at the frontline of exploration, and benefiting local communities in the process, we seek the rising stars who could become major players in the next generation. These explorers will be willing to take on risks in a sensible way and who share the values of leadership, integrity, curiosity and sheer grit found in true exploration pioneers like SES Founder Col John Blashford-Snell.

His aim over the next decade is to create the equivalent of the ‘Oscars of Exploration’; an opportunity to showcase the finest feats of contemporary explorers alongside a new generation who can be inspired by them. They believe the values expressed through the best kind of leadership, exposing integrity, understanding risk, pursuing scientific excellence and endeavour, are all values that the world urgently needs today to navigate the different choices facing humanity.