Next step Mount Nyiro

Good morning from Marsabit. Yesterday we travelled all the way from Nairobi, 10h by car. Luckily most of the road has been tarmac so now it is faster than ever before. Only 30km of dusty road are left to do, which is great. It will bring development to this remote area, connecting it to Nairobi, the capital.


Today, however, the comfort and speed of asphalt will not be there. We have 250km ahead of us in a dusty sandy road… about 8h…to South Horr, near Mt Nyiro. This is the most remote of the mountains we study. We will sleep in that village tonight and tomorrow we will walk about 2000m uphill in a little path, with our translator and security man… into the land of sacred forests and their pastoralist care takers…

The place is remote, no internet or mobile phone network. We will keep you posted as soon as we get back to internet, in about 10 days!



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