Time to plan

Less than a month for our great adventure! We are spending these days preparing the trip. We hope we will not forget anything, as the list of items to take seems endless: sleeping bag and camping gear, diameter tape for the trees and anemometers among others, memory cards, tripods, batteries…and there are no shops where we go. No internet to check the instructions of our newest equipment, no chance to buy an extra battery of we miscalculate how many we need… and we do not want to carry any extra kilo as we have to climb more than 2000m up Mt Nyiro… at nearly 40 degrees at the lowest altitude. Imagine! We want to be on the safe side, but we need to be practical too. Good planning is a key step for this type of expeditions in remote locations of the world. And one expedition which combines filming and science is even more challenging to plan. The fact that we have been there helps, of course… but this time we want to make an amazing film, to be presented at several film festivals, and we feel the expectations are high… so is the pressure. But we are positive… we are going there during the dry season, and we hope the desert will not flood, as it did last December when a 30m long and >1.5 m deep river blocked our car for nearly 2 days! We cannot be that lucky (or unlucky) twice, can we???


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