The Project

This adventurous inspiring expedition focuses on a very remote and unknown part of Africa where limited infrastructure exists and local communities still have a traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle. Cloud forests are forests on top of mountains which are maintained by mist droplets trapped by tree leaves. In northern Kenya these amazing ecosystems are key to surrounding communities as they provide water, gold in the desert.

Eight team members, among which are two scientists, two students, a filmmaker, a translator and the driver-mechanic (essential in this part of the world with few roads) will spend one month together, to make the first film of these incredible ecosystems and their peoples.

Apart from the film, the expedition will collect key scientific data, build students’ capacities, create new material for local environmental programs and, above all, it will let the world know about these fragile ecosystems: we can only preserve what we know exists!

The objectives:

  • Scientific: this film will help disseminate 18-months of research in the area (ASEC project lead by Aida) and will help gather remaining important data (water and botanical samples, to be used by students for their projects).
  • Education: this expedition will help built capacities of a local university (film making, science) and the film will be used in environmental school programs by our partners.
  • Humanitarian: the film will help locals get more attention from government, scientists and tourists, contributing towards the future development of the area.

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